Have A WICKED Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re planning a spooky party for your little ones, here are our top tips to help you create a blood curdling bash!

Save pennies and earn some creative brownie points by making simple decorations for your party.

These spider plates and monster cups are brilliant and so simple to make.  You can find a tutorial at Design Improvised

Get the kids to work making this cute bunting (tutorial here).  Requiring just a few materials, you’ll be able to personalise your bunting for next to nothing.  If time is tight, how about using one of the many free printables online.  There are hundreds on Pinterest to suit all tastes

credit The Azbel

What’s a party without good party food.  You can get really creative at halloween.

Make a batch of orange jelly according to the packet and set aside.  Meanwhile, halve an orange and scoop out the flesh.  Fill each half with jelly and set  in the fridge.  Slice into wedges.

Use your favourite bread, to create these finger sandwiches.  An almond makes the perfect finger nail and strawberry jam adds that gruesome touch (image credit – Anabel Karmel)

Our printed toppers and wafers aren’t just for cakes.  Slice a babybel cheese in half to give you 2 round pieces of cheese.  Fix a wafer eye ball to the flat/cut surface of the cheese with a little water and they are ready to serve immediately.

Of course a party just isn’t a party without cake.  Our halloween themed cupcakes are perfect for that sweet treat.  How about mini cupcakes for a different trick or treat gift or party bag goody.   You can find our halloween cupcakes here

You could even decorate your own cake and use printed toppers as headstones or add printed eyes to toffee apples or truffles.


The old games are always the best so set up an apple bobbing station, a tin can alley with halloween or spookily painted tins or eyeball and spoon race

Create your own mummies using cheap toilet roll, split your party goers into teams of two. One person will be the “mummy” and the other is in charge of wrapping. Play some themed music whilst they create their mummies wrapping them in toilet roll.  The winner is the most wrapped mummy when the music stops.


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