Chocolate Leopard Spots for an Animal Theme Party

chocolate leopard spots

We love these chocolate leopard spots! They are simply giant white chocolate buttons with an edible leopard print. Making them yourself couldn’t be easier. Just order your edible print, cut out the circles and stick them to chocolates. They could be a unique hand made gift for a lover of animal prints.  Alternatively these would make a great addition to your table at a jungle themed party.

Animal Print Design

First you need to choose a design. We used a royalty-free image found on the internet that was roughly A4 size.

Edible Decoration

Next you can choose whether to use edible wafer or icing sheets and both work just as well.

edible wafer leopard spots

If you want perfect circles you can use a craft punch, which again works on both wafer and icing sheets. Ours is a 1 inch or 25 mm, the perfect size for Milkybar giant white chocolate buttons. You could use milk chocolate buttons like we did, or make your own.

Make Your Own Spots

Just melt some chocolate, spread it out thinly in a suitable container to cool. Once it’s set cut into shapes. If you cut squares it will be very easy to trim your prints the same size.

making chocolate leopard spots

How to Make Leopard Spots

To attach the leopard spots to the chocolate the method is the same whether you use printed wafer or an icing sheet. You can either make the chocolate tacky by warming it slightly or use an edible glue. To make the chocolate tacky you can warm up a pallet knife or any flat, metal utensil and lightly press it on the surface. Then place your print on top and hold it down for a few seconds.

Alternatively you can make a very simple edible glue my mixing a teaspoon of liquid glucose with a teaspoon of hot water. Mix it together and spread it lightly on the back of your print. Next place it on the chocolate button and hold down for a few seconds. If you use a small paintbrush to spread the glue you can then use the shaft as a mini rolling pin to smooth down the topper. Leave them to dry in the fridge for about an hour.

Animal Theme Party

You can serve them in a bowl at a party, gift-wrap them to give as a present or put them in goody bags.

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